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Devon Rex is very special cat . You will have a lot of fun with Devon Rex. But it might be not fit with every family. Please do some research before you decide to adopt a Devon Rex.  For your reference : Devon Rex   More Info

How to adopt a kitten/cat?

1. Check the available kitten/cat on page Available Devons to find your favorite Devon.

2. Fill out Adoption/Reserve Form and waiting us contact you.

3. Reserve your kitten/cat with $300 non-refundable deposit. The amount will go towards your picked kitten. If currently no kitten available, you can subscribe for available kitten updates. Any questions you can send us email or contact us on social media.

4. Waiting for picking up your new family member. You will receive photos and videos during the waiting time.

How will I get my kitten/cat?

Pick Up : 

1. Driving to pick up : Please navigate to 08807 to check your trip. 

2. Flying in pick up : Our nearest airport is EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport). Courier will meet you at the airport and hand you your kitten. We offer free delivery to EWR.

Delivery : 

1. By car : Courier will deliver kitten/cat by car to your home within 400-mile radius from zip code 08807. Cost is $1.2 per mile. NYC require an additional $50 for tolls and parking.

2. By flight : Courier will bring your kitten in the plane cabin and meet you at your nearest airport. Cost is $500 - $1000 depends on your location.

Shipping : 

We DO NOT ship our kitten/cat because of the safety concern. Another reason is pet relocation service is more expensive than our delivery options.

What will I get with my kitten/cat?

We have Kitten/Cat pack to ensure everything you need to welcome your new family member.

The pack includes:

  • A bag of dry cat food

  • Canned cat food

  • A cat carrier

  • Some toys and a bed that smells like home

  • One month free pet insurance

  • Tips for introducing a new kitten/cat into your home

  • All documents from us

  • Lifetime 

Prior to leaving our cattery all of our kittens will be:

  • Up to date on age-appropriate vaccines

  • De-wormed

  • Spayed / Neutered

  • Vet Examined

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